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Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers

CAKE DECORATION Check these lovely cake toppers out! These lovely little accessories will help you make and decorate a birthday cake for your birthday boy or birthday girl so wonderful that your child will never forget. Be prepared to wow your guests at the party.


Happy Birthday Toppers

Variety of Cake Toppers in range of colors

Angry Bird Cake Toppers
 Everyone loves the Angry Birds. Isn't it great that we can celebrate our birthdays in the form of one of the most popular game characters? Let the power of Angry Birds light up your birthday party, get yourself an Angry Bird cake decorated.
Backyardigans Cake...
Check out these lovely favorite Backyardigans cake toppers, do up a lovely cake and give the kids a BIG surprise.
Madagascar Toppers
Planning for a Madagascar themed birthday party? Then you must check out these lovely Madagascar cake toppers to help you create and design some lovely party cakes and cupcakes! With the help of these cake toppers, you can even let the kids to decorate the Madagascar birthday cake or some Madagascar cupcakes. Dont forget to also check out the Madagascar Party Supplies!
Decorate your birthday cake like a Smurf Village to impress your guests. Let the sound of "Wows" fill up the entire party venue as you present the cake.
Star Wars Cake Toppers

Ready for Star Wars birthday party? Start by decorating your birthday cake with these marvellous Star Wars cake toppers.

May the Force be with you

Toy Story Toppers

Kids are always fascinated with beautifully decorated cakes for their birthday parties, especially those that are designed in their favourite theme or character. Grab one of these Toy Story cake toppers and wow your birthday boy or girl be mesmerised with the fun mood with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. It'll let him or her remember this birthday party for years to come.