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Balloons never fail to brighten up any party or photo shoot. 

Make nice balloon decorations for your special event and have a captivating scene of colour-filled atmosphere to create a delightful mood of celebration


Foil / Mylar Balloons

Check out these lovely Balloons! Comes in wide collections of various themes, colours and styles, including cartoon themes like Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Cars, Sesame Street; Boys's themes like Ben 10 and Transformers; or generic themes for 1st birthdays and baby showers . These are essentials to make a birthday party or full month baby shower really fun for the kids. Brought to you by Kidz Party Store, Singapore No 1 online Party Supplies and Balloon Store.

Latex Balloons

Latex Balloons are always the most effective for decorating or party activities. Add a little colours to your party with helium filled balloons or air-filled to fill up the floorspace. Great for photoshoot too.

Put in some ideas to create party games with some balloons for the kids and adults to be involved in a vibrant party ambience.

Balloon Decorations

Have some nice Balloons Decoration for your party event. Can be used for display at any event, according to your colour schemes. Check them out now!

Helium Tank

 Need Helium tank for your own party decoration? Why not rent a helium tank? So that you can inflate the balloons at your own time to maximize the lasting time of the helium balloons, or anytime possible and avoid the need of a large vehicle to transport your balloons

Customized Balloons

Specially designed balloons as a surprise gift for someone special. For any occasion, whether wedding, birthday, thank you gift, get well soon, anniversary, shop opening, graduation