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Customized Items

Customise balloons, banners, backdrop, favors, invitation cards and display board for your special events


Customized Banners

Banners are perfect for celebrating birthday parties, baby shower, 1st month celebratiion and special occasions, conveying warm wishes to family and friends. More themes are available, check out More Party Banners.

Customized Display Board

Need a special display for your party celebration, you can do them in coloured board or chalkboard style. Whether a baby new arrival declaration, 1st birthday milestones, or poster style, you can do a customized display, printed and laminated on an A1 sized foam board.

For more current designs you can check out at our facebook album

Personalized Growth...

Every moment of a child's growth is worth recording down. Having a nicely decorated and personalized growth chart simply makes each heightmeasurement special, especially with a photo taken.

Adding a personalized growth chart to your child’s bedroom serves as a wonderful room decoration as well as makes it easy to take the height at each milestone.

Choose your growth chart design and have it printed on high quality laminated poster or on premium canvas