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This is the section you visit to look for something special for a special person. Be it for wedding, birthday, anniversary or graduation, we can do it for you.


Gift in a Balloon

Planning to gift an impressive gift for a special moment? Why not have a stuffed gift in a balloon for a special person, or a special occasion. Have a lasting impression for the recipient, that he or she will never forget.

Customized Balloon

Want to give a unique gift to someone special? Whether it's for birthday, thank you appreciation, get well soon comfort gift, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or any special event, we can do it for you. 

Give a nice surprise to the recipient with a WOW message on the balloons. 

Diaper Cakes

Practical yet lovely gift to congratulate a new mother with a special diaper cake gift, and to say a "well done mummy"

Our diaper cakes are specially designed to incorporate with our colourful and interesting balloons to a make a special display gift. 

Personalized Growth...

Every moment of a child's growth is worth recording down. Having a nicely decorated and personalized growth chart simply makes each heightmeasurement special, especially with a photo taken.

Adding a personalized growth chart to your child’s bedroom serves as a wonderful room decoration as well as makes it easy to take the height at each milestone.

Choose your growth chart design and have it printed on high quality laminated poster or on premium canvas