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  Month Updates

In the month of March 2017, we had few new products. Most interesting would be the new stationery sets and the personlzed growth charts.

Stationery Sets

New Stationery sets in various themes - serves as great party favors and door gifts for the little guests coming to your birthday celebration.

Check them out at this page www.kidzpartystore.com/202-puzzles-games-stationery

Personalized Growth Charts

Every moment of a child's growth is worth recording down. Having a nicely decorated and personalized growth chart simply makes each height measurement special, especially with a photo taken. Let your little one choose from our many colourful designs and make growing up a special experience for him or her.


Party Decoration 

In March there were a few party decorations done in some of the interesting themes requested by our customers. Check them out here:

Peppa Pig - Standees make the party decoration outstanding

Paw Patrol - a very popular theme now

Tiffany Blue elegant style Birthday Party for the little sweet heart

Whimsical Pink Carousel - Tulle skirting looks so sweet 

Play pen decoration with backdrop in Shimmer and Shine theme to celebrate the new born baby's arrival in a cosy home party

Racing Car theme at Home Team NS 

For Party decoration services, email us at order@kidzpartystore.com or call us at 96673664

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