Planning for your next Party Celebration

Planning for your next Party Celebration

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  Party Planning & Decoration

We always hear from many people, particularly 1st time parents, that they are cracking their brain to try to figure out how to organize a party for themselves, or their little children. Even a simple small home party can seem quite overwhelming for someone who has never plan a party event before.

Actually it cannot be further from the truth. In our Singapore context, most suppliers are readily available with a simple google search or a phone call away, the only thing that most are concerned will be which ones to look for. Of course, what supplies to plan for is just as taunting as well.

Perhaps as we list down these checklist it should give us a better idea on party planning and know what to look out for.


Before we go into the details, we need to decide what party theme we want to have for the celebration. That of course will depend on what occasion you are celebrating, whether it’s a baby shower or full month newborn, or birthday party. It would be nice if you can involve your little one to participate in the choice of theme, afterall it’s their party. Most kids can start to express their little opinions about what they like at age 3. Taking them to the party shop or browsing online for the party supplies with them can help. It should serve as a wonderful bonding time between you and your child.

Get Organized

Get yourself a little notebook that you can jot down all the information related to your event. List down a planner’s checklist of services required, contracts and agreements,  receipts and  order details, scheduled time for delivery of items like balloons, cake or catering, and the contact information from each vendor. Work out a budget you would like to spend for this event, otherwise it will be hard to prioritise.

Party venue

Envision how you want your party to look like. Decide a location that you can hold your party. Things to look out for will include, price of booking, date of booking, whether the location is convenient for you or your guests, size of the space and details like whether you can have a backdrop, a banner or even whether the ceiling is too high to have hanging down decoration.

Look through your party venue and try to paint a picture of how you want to the whole placed to be decorated.

Guest List

Draft out your guests list. The number of people you invite will directly affect in the cost of the event, the size of the cake, the party venue and timing, quantity of gifts or full month pastry, the catering pax to order etc.

You may  want to plan for a big party to announce your newborn’s arrival or a grand celebration for the little one’s first party, or a specially memorable celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of your marriage, or you can consider having a smaller, but more intimate and interactive session that will be a memorable experience for everyone.

Sending Out Invitation

You can do it with an electronic card or the traditional way sending out a physical card. Whether a simple generic invitation design or a specially customized designed invitation, it is best to send it out at least 2 weeks before your event. This is something you do not want to do it the very last minute.

Party Entertainment

You may want to add in some activities for your guests, perhaps some fun games for the kids or even the adults. A Pinata to serves as a good decoration, bubbles or some activities sheets are the kids’ favourite. Of course if your budget allows, you can always get a magician, balloonist or fun activities like face painter or caricature artist to add in the fun.

A star shaped pinata for party decoration as well as a game activity

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