Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Birthday Party

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sesame street dessert table, sesame street birthday party,sesame street party decor, elmo birthday party, elmo themed 1st birthdaySunny day, Sweepin' the clouds away....

A familiar tune arose as we setup this Sesame Street Birthday Party Snack Table. Designed with lively elements, especially using the bright primary colours representing the popular Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Oscar, everything on the table just makes the entire party so vibrant and joyful

This is a special setup we did to make sure that it stood out from the rest. First, we made a special birthday sign board like the Sesame Street Road sign, then adding lights around it , so that the birthday sign could be so prominent at the backdrop of the cake table.

Check them out...

Sesame Street Snack Table

The backdrop with a lighted street sign...

Even the cake has gets so much attention...

Lovely customized snacks, including customized kitkat, lollipops, pockyand cookies, for the guests to enjoy...

Of course, how can a party do without a nice bouquet of balloons, especially in a matching Elmo 1st Birthday theme..

And a milestone board to share with your love ones how the little 1-year-old baby has grown up over the 12 months

If you need party decoration services or dessert table setup, email us or call us at 96673664

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