Balloon Sculpturing


Balloon Sculpturing ($160/hour)

Our Balloonist are able to make wonders with balloons, from basic sculptures like dogs, swords and flowers to cartoon characters like, Elmo, disney princesses and customized sculptures! Balloons are appealing to all age groups, from 1-2 year old babies to adults !

Children and adults will be amazed by the number of designs that our balloonist is able to come up with. Our Balloonist at every event will first sculpt simple basic designs like animals and flowers and swords for the children. Once everyone receives at least one sculpture,  the balloonist will proceed with the more complicated designs. If there is a large number of children at the event, only the Birthday Boy/Girl will receive a Special Design.

Subsequent hour $140/hour.

As a guideline, 1 hour service can cater for a crowd of 10-12 kids.

Advance booking of at least 7 days is required. Subject to balloonist availability.