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My Little Pony Birthday Parties and Dessert Table setup

My Little Pony Birthday Parties and Dessert Table setup

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  KPS Party themes setup

We have done quite a few My Little Pony theme birthday party decorations. It has been a rather popular theme among not just children, but also adults. Perhaps it is due to the interesting characters in Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkles etc.. With that, usually the party decoration tends to be colourful to demonstrate the nature of having so many adorable, fun-filled characters, especially when they are ponies.

how could we resist a party with a wide spread of desserts, snacks and candies...

little pony dessert table

My Little Pony Dessert Table

My Little Pony Dessert Table

Check out the different styles we have done before, some with full arch, some with printed banner backdrop...

Don't forget about the cake and pastries

little pony cakecotton candy

and goody bags for the little guests....

Of course if you need some party activities for the little children you can print out some colouring sheets, or do some party tattoos or nail stickers with them 

My Little Pony Nail Stickers


My Little Pony Colouring Sheet

If you need party decoration services or dessert table setup, email us or call us at 96673664

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